The Mighty History of Sveskebanden!

September 1999: VIP, Rubber_Duck and PoL PoT had been playing CS together with various prefix´s for a couple of months but one day at the local internet-café VIP got the idea that they should call themself SveskeBanden. From that day SveskeBanden started to rewl the café :P and they soon got new members so they could play clanwars. The first clanwar was 8vs8 against SoD <-> Stormtroopers of Death. SB won with a single round and from that day they were really hooked on CS. They attended to almost all of the local LAN parties and won almost all of them. Later on they went online and got several new members. Since then they have played in various leagues, tournaments and LANs. That's the story of SveskeBanden in short words.

Event history for [SB]

9-12. / 3. @ The Party 2002 (27.-29. dec 2002)
1st place @ Congestion (11-13 oktober 2002)
5/6 @ Fatal Error #3 (d 23-25 august 2002)
1st place @ Boomtown CS-CUP#1 (15-06-2002)
9.-12. place @ The Party 2001 (27-29 december 2001)
1st place @ Congestion MMI (12-14 oktober 2001)
1st place @ Cybernetic 2001 (9-11 marts 2001)
1st place @ Countercrash (forår 2001)
4th place @ The Party 2000 (27-29 december 2000)
VIP, Nightmare, Rubber_duck, D_Fragger played for SB at this huge LAN with more than 3500 people. Nereus was there with his former clan TNB (who got 1st place)
2nd place @ Congestion 1999+1 (13-15 oktober 2000)
1st place @ Mors Dag (31-2 april 2000)
1st place @ Insomnia 2K (21-23 april 2000)
1st place @ Cybernetic 2000 (marts 2000)

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